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*SAT School Day is March 25, 2020*

Click Here for 2019-2020 ACT Calendar/Registration

TSI offered on campus: March 9, 2021

October 2021

School Code for Registration: 442385

School Code for Registration: 442385

Click Here-Taking the TSI at Blinn College

Tested Subjects: Math, Reading, Writing; timed tests Tested Subjects: English, Math, Reading, Science Tested Subjects: Math, Reading, Writing; untimed tests

Total Score Range: 400-1600 points

Total Score Range: 1-36

College-Readiness Standards: Reading/Writing 945+ and essay of 5-8 OR 910+, essay 5-8 AND Diagnostic 5-6; Math 950+ OR Diagnostic 6

Study Materials: College Board, SAT Prep with Khan Academy 

Study Materials: Study Guide Zone, Preparing for the ACT, ACT Test Prep

Study Materials: College Board App, Test Preview, TSI Study Guide, Accuplacer-College Board

    **TSI Pre-Assessment: Must provide Proof that you have taken the pre-assessment prior to taking the TSI**



Click Here-Exemptions 


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Dual Credit List of Courses & Crosswalk