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Sholarships4HighSchool  and Scholarship Guidance -Please visit Scholarships4HighSchool to access a database full of available scholarships for students in grades 9-12!

General Scholarship Application

Local Scholarships-Due March 7, 2023 to Mrs. Malota *Seniors Only*

**General Scholarship Application**

Benjamin & Una Mae Krenek Memoria

Brandi Nicole Schulle Memorial

Fayette County Sheriff’s Posse

Fayetteville Masonic Lodge #240

Jim Rohde Memorial 



Second Chance Emporium 

Shelby American Legion Post 602


Local Scholarships-Due March 7, 2023 to Mrs. Malota *Seniors Only*

Note that some applications give an April 1st dealdline, please turn in to Mrs. Malota by March 7, 2023 for review.

**Specific Scholarship Application*

DAR Smith-McMillan 

Emily Fritsch Memorial Scholarship

Ellinger Chamber of Commerce

Fayette County Fair

Lanny Conway Memorial 

*Essay MUST be handwritten; grammar and spelling are very important to committee judges!

Fayette County Republican Women 

Jesse J. Jochec

La Grange Rotary Club 

Lion’s Club

*Committee emphasizes well-written essays*

Mark Chapman Foundation

Matthew Geistmann Memorial

Fayette County Extension Education Association

Scholarship Instructions 

RVOS Scholarship

Fayette Community Foundation TECHNICAL Scholarship Application 

Cover Letter

TF&E Association 

Roy Koehl Memorial

Kyla Faith Memorial Scholarship

Fayette Community Foundation Scholarship Application

Cover Letter

Fayetteville Baseball Alumni Association 

Professions of Healing Arts Scholarship

Fayette County Go-Texan

Fayette County Go-Texan Cover Letter

*Actual Due Date is March 24th, 2023*

Colorado Valley Telephone Amos Pavlik Memorial Scholarship


Local Scholarships-Various Deadlines

**Specific Scholarship Application with specific DUE dates*

*Turn in to Mrs. Malota prior to deadline for review* *Seniors Only*

January  February  March April 

DUE: January 15th

Texas Farm Credit-


DUE: February 15th

**Texas 4-H Opportunity Scholarship

*See Scholarship Handbook for details*

DUE: March 1st

Texas Farm Bureau

*See Website for additional Scholarship Opportunities*

**Opens February 1st DUE: April 1st**

Blin College Endowed Scholarships

CHS Albert Blaha Scholarship

DUE: April 3, 2023

DUE: January 31st 

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Scholarships


Optimist Club Essay Scholarship


DUE: February 28th

Best Little Cowboy Gathering Scholarship

Scholarship Guidelines

DUE: March 1st

Fayette County A&M Club

DUE: April 7th

Colorado Valley Independent Cattlemen’s Association

Technical & Academic




DUE: March 1st

Turtle Wing Foundation Scholarships

*Please see Rules for each specific scholarship-application must be emailed)


DUE: April 8th

Texas Sportsman’s Association Scholarship



DUE: March 6th

Fayette Electric Cooperative

*Academic and Trade and Technical Scholarships available

DUE: April 8th

Texas Sportsman’s Association Scholarship



DUE: March 10th 

Navidad Valley Cattlewomen

*Be sure to read scholarship rules

DUE: April 11th

Capital Farm Credit


Cody Thompson Memorial Scholarship

Cover Page

DUE: April 15th

RESTORE Scholarship


DUE: March 20th

Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union Scholarship-

*Five $2,000 Scholarships will be awarded to seniors in area schools

May 1st:

Ellinger C of C Scholarship 

Cover Letter


DUE: March 24th

Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative

*Academic and Trade and Technical Scholarships available!


DUE: March 24th

API Scholarship


DUE: March 31st

Roger and Barbara Powell Scholarship  




Various Deadlines

College Scholarships

Terry Foundation

Austin Community College

Discover Student Loans Sweepstakes

Baylor University

GHC Foundation

Blinn College

Hazlewood Act

Sam Houston State University 
Texas Floral Endowment Stephen F. Austin University

Texas Veterans Commission

Tarleton State University 

Evalee C. Schwarz Charitable Trust for Education

Texas A&M University
Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Texas State Technical College (TSTC)
Scholarships4HighSchool Texas State University
  Texas Tech University
  University of Houston 
  University of Mary-Hardin Baylor
  University of Texas
  Victoria College
  Wharton County Junior College

September Deadlines

October Deadlines

November Deadlines

December Deadlines


October 1st


National Honor Society-*Opens 10/1; see website for due date

DAR Scholarships Open November 1st-Close January 31st


December 1st

**All Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Scholarships become available in December**

Look Twice, Save a Life

Ray Stoesser Memorial Scholarship





October 8th

AES Engineering

November 5th

Elks Most Valuable 

December 3rd




October 14th

Search to Learn

November 6th

The Prudential Spirit Award

December 15th

Rubincam Youth Award

Allied Van Lines

Text Free for Tita


October 25th

Horatio Alger Association

November 13th

Odenza Marketing Group

Andrew Flusche




October 31st

Coca Cola

Fresh N Lean

Voice of Democracy

November 15th


National Space Club






November 30th

Andrew Flusche

NHS Scholarship

Sixt Scholars

Odenza Marketing

$2,000 “No Essay”



January Deadlines

February Deadlines

March Deadlines

April Deadlines

January 2nd

Foot Locker Athletes 

February 1st

ESA Foundation



March 1st 

**The Mitte Foundation Scholarship Opens**

American Legion Auxiliary Children of Warriors National President’s Scholarship

Spirit of Youth Scholarship

Catholic Life Insurance


April 1st

Project Yellow Light


Texas Rural Education Association 

January 6th

GE-Reagan Foundation


January 12th:

Irene S. Wischer Foundation

February 3rd 


HEB-Sports in Action

March 2nd

Create a Greeting Card



April 5th

Powell HS Engineering Scholarship

Powell HS Nursing Scholarship

National Peace Essay

January 15th

Texas Farm Credit

Washington Crosses the Delaware

Hagan Scholarship


February 8th

The Association for Compensatory Educators

March 10th

A-1 Auto Transport




April 15th

Delventhal Law Scholarship

Youth Free Expression

January 17th

Woodmen Life Insurance

February 14th 

George and Mary Josephine Hammond Foundation

HEB Scholarship for UIL Participants

March 15th 

Horatio Alger and Honeywell STEM

Hispanic Scholarship Fund





January 20th 

Fayette Electric Government in Action Youth Tour




February 15th

Woodman Life

Texas Exes-UT


March 18th

Texas Telephone Association Foundation


January 31st 

Rebekah Assesmbly of Texas

Carr P. Collins-Baylor

Texas Student Housing

Daughters of the American Revolution

All Trucking 

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo: Area Go Texan, Exhibitor, Hildebrand, Military & Schoool Art

February 22nd

Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented


March 21st




February 23rd 

Rocco C. Caffarelli

March 27th 



February 28th

Abe and Annie Seibel Foundation

National Association of Women in Construction

March 30th 

Odenza Marketing Group (Spring)



March 31st


Superhero Scholarship




May Deadlines

June Deadlines

July Deadlines

August Deadlines




August 31st

National Association of Women in Construction Technical School Scholarship













May 31st

Text Free for Tita






See the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) for guidlines on evaluating the legitimacy of scholarships