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Medication At School



Click Medication Permission Form under Parent Resources to access permission form.

All medications must be furnished by the parent.

We encourage you to give your child their daily medications at home. If required, daily mid-day medications will be given lunch if needed. All medications must come in the original container with a school medication form completed and signed in order to administer them to your child, a handwritten note will work, but only for one day. Students may not carry medications on them unless documented on file in the Nurse’s office by a physician for them to self-carry emergency medications. 

Prescription medications must be taken to the Nurse’s office by as soon as they arrive on campus.

All medicine, prescription and non-prescription, to be administered at school must be accompanied by a written request signed and dated by the parent or legal guardian. The request must be renewed annually. The student himself, if over the age of 18, may give permission to use medication under these guidelines.