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Technology Resources

A lot of these sites are also APPS and can be found in the Google Web Store and added to your Chrome Account.

Web2.0: Cool Tools for Schools

Sound Tools

Looking for audacity type functionality on the chromebook?

Try:  Twisted Wave (http://goo.gl/CsBdP)  l

Web Based Audio Recording (Your own Radio Station)


audioboo - Audioboo lets you do as many 3 minute audio files and then you can share it to whom you like

soundcloud- Soundcloud lets you do 2 hrs in any length or number of files that you want.

http://www.vidtomp3.com/ - Turn Videos into MP3 files.

UJAM studio

Audio Cutter

Vocaroo - voice recorder (flash based but allows download in mp3, .wav. or .flac

Instructions on using Vocaroo

Drive Tunes for Google Drive

Google App: Drive Music

Free Audio File Conversion

Mobile Media Converter - convert YouTube videos into mp3's pr WMA

Convert Audio Online - same as above.

Listen to YouTube - same as above

Audio Expert - Audio editor and converter.  Convert audio files & record sounds.

WM Converter

VLC Media Player - Converts video and audio files to other formats to use on mobile devices

Audacity - http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

  • mix an unlimited number of sound tracks
  • save sound or audio clip to share
  • record and edit sounds
  • chromebook
  • 5 min recording
  • share/publish multiple ways
  • chromebook
  • advanced - difficult
  • 3 min recording
Audio Pal - www.audiopal.com
  • Chromebook
  • 60 sec
  • emails the embed code or widget
  • simple/basic
  • 2 hrs of published recordings (I think)
  • Create sets or follow other streams (some may be inappropriate)
  • Chromebook
  • Email confirmation to create account went to Quarantine
  • keep audio private, link to URL
  • similar to garageband
  • Free sound editor, audio editor, wave editor for processing and recording sounds, wav and mp3 files.  Produce music loops, analyze, record, batch convert.


mySchoolNotebook.com is an application for taking school notes and sharing them with friends.  

bubbl.us - simple brainstorming online.

Cohere - create, connect and share ideas.

Dabbleboard - interactive whiteboard for drawing and team collaboration.

Draw Anywhere - Create diagrams online and collaborate.

Exploratree - edit a thinking guide from the online library or create one of your own.

Freemind -mind mapping (download required).

Mindomo - create, edit your mind maps and share them with colleagues and friends.

MindMeister - create mind maps with as many simultaneous users as you like.

myWebspiration - if you like Inspiration, try this new tool from the same 

team...you will like it!

Periodic Table of Visualization Methods - great tool for leaning about different types of visualization charts.

Persuasion Map - Are you ready to map out your argument for your persuasive essay or debate?

Product Planner - application that allows you to discover, create and share online flow diagrams with others.

You can use an already created flow diagram or create your own.

Text 2 Mind Map - fun

Collaboration Tools

Dipity - create interactive timelines.
Grapevine - online group collaboration and voice communication.

Scribblar - real-time, multi-user whiteboard, image uploading and sharing, userlist, text chat, live audio communication.

Timetoast - create interactive timelines.
Sosius - online sharing and collaboration workspace.

VoiceThread - group conversations around images, documents and videos.

Great examples for teaching and learning plus handouts: 

Soup - create collaborative blog, no advertising.

Stixy - collaborative online bulletin board.

Whizle - create and share plans, guides and tutorials.

Photo/Video/Digital Storytelling Tools


brushvideo - edit your videos online, add text, audio and animations.

Photo Editing Program: http://www.drogbaster.it/photoshop_online.htm

Flickr - photo sharing, online community, tagging.

GetLoupe-  Create a cool shape for a photo collage with your own pictures.

Glogster - interesting tool to organize, present, create posters, share and comment.

mural.ly - Bulletin/Display board to post anything


Mixbook - create online stories, no audio.

Photosynth - 3D photography.

Picasa - organize, edit, create, share - digital slideshows are new!

Pixisnap - create photo mosaics and polaroid pictures.

Padlet / Wallwisher (Build a wall)

Prezi - Customized  Scrapbooking Template

shwup - create sharable online photo albums (photos and videos) and create muvees (photo slideshow that you can customize with styles, themes and a music soundtrack).

Slideroll - flash slideshow creator (also listed under Presentation).

Vuvox - create one of a kind interactive stories.

  • Example - Balancing Acts: Transformations and Tensions in the 21st CenturyWriting Classroom

Alternatives for  xtranormal - choose characters, type your script (tell your story) and make a movie!  





50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story - for additional resources, check out Alan Levine's great pile of resources for digital storytelling.

Presentation Tools

Adam - add videos, HTML, stylized text and more to a static PDF or image file.

authorSTREAM - present, share and store presentations.

Flowgram - create interactive guided presentations by combining, webpages, photos, powerpoint and more with your voice, notes and insights.

Preezo - create and share professional quality online presentations.

Prezi - just out of beta, interesting tool to create cool presentations. Not allows sound and music.

SlideBoom - share live Powerpoint presentations online.

SlideRocket - import, access, create and collaborate.

Slideshare - share your presentations and search for others of interest.

Slideroll - flash slideshow creator (also listed under digital storytelling).

slidesix - share your presentations and add video and audio narration directly within the site.

Smilebox - create photo slideshows and scrapbooks.

www.wevideo.com - Google Chrome App.  Replacement for Movie Maker.

tubechop.com- TubeChop allows you to easily chop a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it.

Online Tutorials

Enhance Your Google Docs Presentations

In Pictures - software tutorials based on pictures.
Woopid - video tutorials for software, online tools and gadgets.

Website Tools

Ajaxload - website that allows you to create your own animated loading images.
BlinkWeb - 100 templates to create a website with or without a blog in a "blink."

Edicy - plenty of great templates to create a quick and easy website in minutes 

Comfy Page - view this same website here created in this web service.

Google Sites - create websites, wikis and more.

kwout - browser plugin that lets you take a screen shot of an area of a webpage and then cut it out with a quote attached. Then you can add it to your blog or website.

Moonfruit - drag and drop interface, Twitter and Facebook integration, plus additional features like message board and chat features.

Picturesurf - create an image gallery using your photos and easily add it to your website or online profile page.

Roxer - drag and drop interface for website creation.

SnapPages - create and edit your website, integrated calendar and chat services.

Symbaloo -  Create graphic websites using touchable tiles.

Webnode - drag and drop with additional add ons to include a blog, various widgets, etc.
Webdon - website builder, hosting and templates.

Webs - create a personal, group or small business website - lots of great templates.
Weebly - create website and blog with easy drag and drop interface.

Wix - create flash websites.

Yola - formerly SynthaSite, easy web publishing with creative template choices.
Online Writing Tools

Buzzword - Abobe product, lets you share documents with people, giving individuals varying levels of access, from comments to editing to just reading the document.

Flipsnack - Make beautiful flipping books from your .pdf files.

GoAnimate - Create animated videos to tell a story.

Hypertextopia - read and write stories using hypertext.
mixedink - collaborative writing tool.

Plotbot - write screenplays collaboratively or independently.

Revizr - simple collaborative document editing.

storymash - collaborative creative writing community.

yWriter - creative writing tool (download) where each "project" is organized by "chapters" and then "scenes."  Also has storyboard and daily word count functions.

Storybird - allows students to create their own story books online.  Features a section called art gallery where users have access to artwork to embed in their stories.

Just Cool Tools

Draw Anywhere - Create diagrams online and collaborate. 

Freepik - Free vectors, photos, and posters

iCharts - create, share and embed interactive charts and graphs online.

geoGreeting! - spells out your greetings using satellite images of buildings found in the Google Maps satellite view...fun!

Idee Labs - locate photos based on color scheme.

MeetWays - Enter your address and a friend's address, and Meetways locates the midway point on a Google map. Add a search criteria (i.e. "coffee") and you'll see coffee shops in the vicinity of the midway point.
Spell with flickr - grabs images from flickr and uses them to spell words you type in.  The result can then be embedded in a blog or website.

Poster My Wall - Promotional poster and video templates

Poster Template - Downloadable posters

Studying with Cyber Tools (Quizlet, Studystack, mindmeister, dropmind, and much much more).

UserNameCheck - forgotten which sites you have signed up for?  Check this out...

Wordle - create word clouds that are converted to .jpg files (example at the top).

For Chromebooks, try http://tagul.com for creative word cloud shapes.

Poodwaddle-  Source of World Clock. Flash games, and useful applets and gadgets.

JamStudio - Create music on-line.  Free and paid subscriptions.

Productivity Tools

BibMe - build a bibliography online.

clip clip - save images and text from websites to use in presentations or share with others.

Clipperz - online password manager.

Google Reader - constantly checks your subscriptions for new and updated information.

Google Calendar - organize your schedule and share events with friends.

htm2pdf - convert web pages to pdf.

Jing - capture images, record video, share online (combination of SnagIt andCamtasia but free).

www.movenote.com  is a great app to add for recording video and screen-capturing simultaneously. 

Screenr- Screencast for Mac or PC

ScreenCastOmatic- create screencasts to upload to your website, YouTube or the cloud.

VisualCV - create interactive online resumes.

vi.sualize.us - bookmark, organize and share images found on the web.

WebKut - screen capture tool (requires download).

Yahoo! Calendar - create to-do lists, easy scheduling, add Flickr photos on the days you took them (coming soon), evites, and more.  Check out the demo.

Zamzar - online file conversion.

Desktop Conferencing ToolsMikogo - screen sharing application that includes file transfer and remote control. You need to download the application but the person you are sharing with does not.

spreed - free web conferencing, online meetings and web collaboration (up to three people).
Yugma - allows anyone, anywhere to instantly share their desktop and ideas online with others.
Vyew - anytime collaboration and live web conferencing.

Teamviewer - Remote control any computer or Mac over the internet within seconds

Google Apps & Extensions for better productivity

Bomomo              http://bomomo.com/
Drum Kit             http://www.ronwinter.tv/drums.html
GeoGuessr          https://geoguessr.com/world/play  
(this looks like something for geography) *****
Flappy Code       http://studio.code.org/flappy/1